Do you hate whiteheads? want to get rid of them? I guess this review will help everyone.. So many product that I already try to reduce whiteheads and to enhance the usefullness of other product, I think we need this..!!


Yeayy finally a new eyeshadow review.. Summer is still happening in Indonesia, so I still need a long lasting makeup.. Do you all still remember about cute collection from It's Skin called Babyface? All the product have a cute packaging and now It's Skin release a new eyeshadow stick in this colletion.. This eyeshadow stick have a glitter and matte type, so when I hear about matte stick eyeshadow, I really want and love to review it.. XD Jolse offer me to review two colors from this collection..^^


All right, a new foundation to try.. By the way girls, I start to live in Jakarta from this august and since this town is very hot just like Kuala Lumpur, so I need something that stay all day without any darkening and fresh powdery looks.. Really hate a greasy oily look after work.. T^T When my face become greasy, I look very tired and SUPER dull.. This day this time I found a new foundation that I really want to test and try because the name is "All day lasting", so I think this foundation will very suitable for me to survive in Jakarta..


Yuhhuuu..~! a new lippies to be reviewed.. This is my second time trying Aritaum lippies.. I have a high expectation about this lippies because they have a great and many color.. XD I already shared about new release collection from aritaum right? you can check this: Aritaum New Release..
When I hear about the name Color Lasting Tint I thought that this lippies will have a long lasting effect on lips even after eat and drink.. We will see the result as soon as possible.. XD

Product Description

1. Clear Color + Long Lasting + Adheres Well
2. 130 degree bending doughnut tip enables convenient application.
3. Light texture.

Brand: Aritaum
Volume: 4.5 gr
Price: USD 9.98
The packaging from Aritaum is always so simple just like another Aritaum product.. I really curious why Aritaum never use any box, so far when I got a new Aritaum product, the product never come in a box.. This time the packaging looks more professional than Aritaum wannabe cushion tint but still, only comes with a seal.. I really love Aritaum product.. I guess now I move into Aritaum and Innisfree.. I love their quality and other simple things from them.. How about you, which one is your favorite Brands?
The shade that I got is no 3 Peach Puree.. I really maniac about peach and orange color lippies.. They always suit me very well..! First time I meet this product is when So Young use this at her video..She really like this tint, that's really make me curious.. The size of the lippies it self not so big but can finish for a long time, especially I have so many lippies that I rarely use.. the only one lippies that I use a lot is Innisfree eco flower tint balm.. 

Move into the texture, this lipies has a doughnut shape at the tip, It can reach all over my lips easily.. The texture is very creamy like a mousse.. The color spread easily when apply and give a pigmented color.. the color will stain just 3 sec after you apply it.. I use that at my hand and the stain can't removed by tissue.. So I really think that this is have a great sustainability..  This lippies have a glossy effect but will removed after several minutes..
Here is the swatch:
Alright about the sustainability, I use this at the morning, after a huge eat, drink, and eat snack, I found that this lippies removed and only left a pink stain just like pink lip tint.. I don't think that this product is bad, because the color sure reduce a lot after eat, but still leaving a stain.. I think we still need touch up girls..

Overall, I really want to buy another color.. Both of the texture and color, I really like this lippies.. Recommended for everyone..! You should try this.. Even the lasting power is not that good as I imagined before, I still love this lippies, this lippies also have a fruity scent.. XD

What I like about this product is:
~ Cheap and worth the price
~ Long lasting
~ has a great and many pigmented color

What I don't like about this product is:
~ nothing

Please ignore my messy room, bare my chubby cheeks and don't see my fat body, I just try my new tripod.. Hahahaha
By the way girls, Jolse have a lot of new product that interesting to try with many discount also.. SO check Jolse site right now before you lost your favorite item.. XD

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)


Hi everyone.. This post I'll write in Indonesian.. Hallo semuaa.. apa kabar nih, maaf banget dah lama nggak ngepost sesuatu.. Kali ini aku mau mereview cat rambut dari Hoyu.. Beberapa waktu yang lalu Kawaii Beauty Japan mengirimi aku paket berisi cat rambut yang bernama Beautylabo.. Beautylabo ini berasal dari Jepang, bahkan kemasan dan modelnya pun berciri khas kejepangan.. hahaha