Hi Cutie Cherries.. ~!
Lately summer has become a hit topic everywhere.. Yeay.. I love summer time, a lot of great makeup collection which is take care of oily and sebum, a new sunblock type, and many more.. I really love summer, the makeup collection from many brands is always catch my eyes at summer.. hahaha..
This time I wanna share about a new collection from Aritaum.. Yes, Aritaum also release their summer collection.. 


Hey Girls.. Almost all brand release some new summer collection right?  XD
It's very interesting for me, since I live in the tropical country which have a long summer.. hahaha.. This time I gonna share a new product from Tonymoly.. This product already release one or two weeks ago if I'm not mistaken.. The collection called Cooling Me Proof and Killing Me Proof.. Wow that's a unique name.. I rarely share a new release from other brand but since mostly at the summer almost all brands have a unique collection so I'll share it with you all.. <3


Hi girlsss or boys maybe.. I think almost many of you wondering how I can achieve that super bright images with only an automatic camera.. If you wondering, I don't use any DSLR camera because I don't have it and I want to buy a mirrorless camera later after I have the money.. so I think this tips is really usefull for any new beauty blogger or maybe the old beauty blogger can use this tips too.. 


Waw.. This time I do this again.. Lol..~! After the Jolse and why Jolse post, now I want to share about my another favorite online shop.. I write this not because K-Lens Pop has been sponsored me but because I really like that shop also.. Fast shipping, good costumer care.. 


Hi girls..! Lately I kinda lazy to take picture and edit it that's why I rarely post a new review, but I promise you that next week, I'll update all my pending post.. This time I'll review another lens.. XD About my blog layout, I also want to make it back to the basic, that's why I just turn to use blogger template again, when I use another blogger template, my blog loading more longer, I prefer simple and easy to load.. I'll re-arrange my blog header because it looks boring, I'll search for another template, until that please bare with this boring tempate.. haha 


HI guys, Because I have some of my makeup items which I rarely use so I decide to sell it here.. I write it in English and Indonesian so This blog sale is international. Everyone can purchase.. Ok before we go to the main sell, I want to share few rules.. PLEASE read the rules first before ask me a question under this post..

1. All product is fresh, even they are preloved, I sell a fresh not an expired product..
2. I'll give you a detailed information about the product, so always read the information first..
3. I already washed the sponge with a hygiene process..
4. For International and Indonesian, I'll send the package via regular Post, If the International buyer want to use EMS just tell me directly..^^ I'll give you the exact price after you already decide to buy and can't cancel it If you already fix..!
5. If you buy more than $40 I can consider to give you a free shipping, but this is don't mean I will give you a free shipping, I'll consider it and see where you live at..
6. International buyer must pay via paypal and for Indonesian buyer must pay via BCA..
7. For negotiation, I can give a discount If you buy more than 3 items..

To buy you must send me an email with this information:
Address (with postal code):
Phone number:
Item you want to buy:

After you send that Email, you can't cancel it, so If you are not sure yet, please don't send email to me.. You can send it to ----> Cherriess.pink@gmail.com


Hi girls..! KlensPop sent me another lens to be reviewed.. This time I got a very beautiful choco lens which has a very cute pattern.. XD Despite of the cute pattern this lens also very comfy to my eyes.. I dunno why the lens is very comfy, but I really love this one.. 


Hello everyone.. Talking about sun which is our friend but also our enemy is a very topic that I love.. Since I was kid, I always love summer than rainy days, I live in Indonesia which is a tropical country, so summer is always start from April and the sun always get more hot at May until July.. These day our sky is always blue and there is no cloud.. That mean the sun is very damaging.. Live in the hot days is my favorite, I always hate cold days because I can't handle cold season, I can't imagine if I live in the country which have winter..! Because I prefer hot than cold so I must provide many things to keep my skin healthy and reduce the risk of skin cancer..