Hello ladies.. XD
today is very hot and because I don't go anywhere, so I decide to review one of my favorite powder this time..
Powder have many texture, there is compact powder, loose powder, and two way cake.
And this time I want to review the loose powder one..
Actually I love using compact powder but I very lazy to wash the sponge, and because loose powder is applied by powder brush, so I like it..
I always wash all my brush one time a week, I never lazy to wash a brush but very lazy to wash a sponge.. LOLs..!

This time I want to review one of Skinfood powder.. anybody already try this powder before?
this called Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder.. I love the "silky" things.. not glowing, because I have a oily combination face, so I hate glowing, glowing will make my face looks oily..

HAUL: March 2014

yeaaayyyyy finally...
This is my first ever monthly haul post.. XD
before this I never make a haul post because I very lazy to make this post..
Sometimes I buy haul things not in the same time, so I bought it collectively..

Actually there is two more items that I bought this month but, I think the items will come at April.. because I bought it pre order.. so I just post the haul that came to my home..


Hey girls...
first of all, have you joined my sponsorship program??
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I know you all already know this eyeliner.
So many good review about it, so I bought it..
Until know, I still search about a very good Eyeliner..
But, I never found the very good one except local eyeliner named Mizzu..
I don't know why this very cheap eyeliner is work very well on my oily eyes, without any smudging..
Mizzu eyeliner is not as great as other eyeliner but, until know, that eyeliner is never smudging when I use on my eyes..
after that I heard and read many review about this gel liner..
some of beauty bloggers said that this eyeliner is very pigmented and really good..


yeay yeay yeay...^^
Finally.. I can review this little cutie lip tint ever..
do you know about this tint before?
I think you all know about Etude House Color Pop Tint, but the mini one??
yuppp.... This one is really mini Color Pop tint..
As you can know about Etude House color pop tint have 10 colors and the mini have 12 colors... I'm so excited..XD


Holla girls..^^
Since I start busy with my final project, I become very lazy to update my blog.. huaaa.. sorry for that..
And by the way I would like to apologize because my giveaway is canceled for a reason, I buy some product for surprise and the product is not coming, the shop said, It'll be long if I want to wait, so I decide to cancel it and I promise I will giveaway korean product for my reader..^^
I'm so sorry about that..
so, Have you heard about this eye primer?
After I kinda dissapointed with my E.L.F eyelid Primer, I choose this product for replace my E.L.F
This is it... Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye primer..